First-time clients:  enjoy a 60-minute massage for $60!


60 minutes



With 60 minutes, you can choose a full body treatment, or to focus on the priority areas that need more attention.

75 minutes



75 minutes is enough time for a full body treatment plus a little extra time to focus on an area that needs more attention.

90 minutes



90 minutes is usually enough time to treat the whole body AND focus on 1-2 priority areas that need extra attention.


I draw from several modalities to address your goals for health and wholeness.  Sessions may include:

  • Myofascial Release

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

  • Swedish massage

  • Abdominal massage

  • Cupping and Gua Sha

  • Sound Healing with tuning forks

Hot Stones

Hot stones can be added to 75 or 90-minute treatments for an additional $15.  If you've never used them, they can boost the effectiveness of a massage by warming you up, soothing your nervous system and improving circulation, as well as just being yummy and relaxing!


Each session includes up to 15 minutes for intake so that we have time to create a clear vision of your goals.  This is in addition to your massage, so please include this time in your planning.