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My goal is to support you in feeling good in your body so that you can enjoy life! I believe that healing and relaxation are active, internal processes that can be facilitated by different therapies.  I approach each session with this in mind, bringing presence, respect and trust in the collaborative work of your body's wisdom and my own intuition. Together, we will:

  • Identify areas where you are blocked

  • Work with those areas to loosen physical, emotional and energetic blockages

  • Help you find ways to encourage this movement beyond massage, such as:

    • ​breathwork to continue loosening and maintain a sense of well-being

    • stretches/movement to increase range of motion and restore balance

    • mindfulness techniques to facilitate relaxation and cultivate your own innate capacity to heal




I graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage in 2003.  After three years in the spa industry, I left to follow a dream to work in global health. I received a Masters in public health and worked with health workers in Africa and the Caribbean, primarily on the response to HIV/AIDS.

After 15 years in this arena, I am excited to work again more directly with the beauty and wisdom of the body.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the globe, one human at a time.  Imagine if we all walked around feeling whole and at ease in our bodies - the world would be a different place!


Additional training that informs my work includes:


My studio is located in the back yard of my family home on Beacon Hill, just north of Jefferson Park, close to Victrola Coffee, El Quetzal and Bar del Corso on Beacon Ave (all great places to go!). It is easily accessible by bus, light rail or car, with plenty of free, 2-hour street parking. Contact me via email or text/call the number below for the exact address. Please note the studio is not connected to the house and so if/when you need to use the bathroom, you will have to walk across the yard and into the house.

#36 BUS

Get off the bus on the corner of Beacon Ave S. and Hanford St. in front of Kumon Tutoring and YoBe Yoga Studio.  Walk 1 minute west on Hanford and then turn left (south) on Lafayette Ave S. The house is one block west of Beacon Ave S. on the corner of Horton St. and Lafayette Ave S.


From Beacon Hill Station, walk 5 blocks south on Beacon Ave S. Turn right on Horton St. (west). The house is on the corner of Horton St. and Lafayette Ave S., one block west of Beacon Ave S. 

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