Coronavirus updates

July 31, 2020

Dear all, 

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.  I am grateful to report that we are all doing fine here.  We are continuing to take precautions as case numbers rise, and so I don't plan to reopen for many months, I imagine.  

I hope you are continuing to take good care of yourselves, and perhaps finding new ways to do so.  I will post again in the fall.  Until then, be well and enjoy this gorgeous summer!



March 17, 2020


​Dear all, 

After deep reflection and much reading, I have decided to do my part to "flatten the curve" by suspending massage services temporarily, taking good care of my health and that of my family, and basically sheltering in place until further notice.  What we do in this moment will make a huge difference for our local and global community!  I hope you are also taking good care and enjoying this amazing weather, as well as peaceful and quiet time at home.  Such amazing opportunities and potential in this unprecedented pause!

I will send an email to current clients when I am back in practice, and post here as well to let you know.

Until then, take good care, be well and enjoy! 





March 12, 2020


​Dear all, 

  • I am grateful to report that I am well, my family is well, and we are all washing our hands, avoiding large groups, and trying hard to follow the guidelines to keep ourselves and our community healthy.

  • As you know, my massage practice is located in my home. With schools being closed, there will be a bit more activity around here than usual. 

  • I am being extra cautious in cleaning my space between clients, wiping down high-traffic surfaces between sessions and washing my hands more often than usual. 

  • I will contact clients I have seen or am scheduled to see if anyone in my household develops cold or flu symptoms and/or we become aware that there has been exposure to the COVID-19/Coronavirus.

  • I ask that you do me the favor of canceling if you are sick or might have been exposed. I do not charge for cancellations due to illness, but I do appreciate as much advance notice as you are able to give me.

  • I will provide updates here, as needed.  I welcome you to contact me with any questions, thoughts or ideas. 

  • When this came up, my first thought was that maybe we needed something like this to bring us back together again - both the country and the globe. I am reminding myself (and inviting you) to let it serve as a reminder that the more we take care of each other, the healthier and happier we will all be. Small moments of grace and kindness will go a long way as we work through this together.

      Take care and be well! 




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